Question by Feeding a dog “people food”?
My chihuahua is the pickiest dog ive ever known. She doesn’t eat her dog food – the good kind like canned dinners with vegetables and gravy and everything! She just smells it and walks away and the food will stay there for days. My mom gives her human food and thats what shes been living on is people food for the past year. Sometimes she wont even eat real delicious chicken! I pretty much have to beg her to eat!! She does like food its just that she wont eat the same thing day after day. She seems very healthy to me but I wish she would eat what shes supposed to. What can I do?

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Answer by Juleette
dont give her a choice if you refuse her and hold out she will give in and eat her food you trained her mean as it sounds untrain her for her getting her way

your the master she is the dog

put the food out if she doesnt eat ti dont give in she will eat it when she is hungry then it will be kicked it’s not easy to do but it can take 1 day to do!

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