Question by Flashman: Dog walking: is it best to have the dog “heel” at your side at all times, or let them roam & smell everything?
I have a young retriever (1 year old), relatively well-behaved, but excited to go for walks – he does not pull, but when I have a retractable leash, he loves to roam and smell the area (5 metres, ca 15 feet around us). Other people have their dogs walking politely beside them at all times. I would prefer that, but the dog seems to love to smell things. Which is better in the long run? Great thanks in advance for any/all help.
Just to add, considering the first 10 responses (thanks again, by the way):
– he gets plenty of time walking outside, at least 2 hours per day (1 hour morning, 1 evening)
– he does get to go to a fenced in dog-park (once per day) where he can roam free of the leash and meet other dogs, if they are there too

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Answer by Beth
giving them the space of the 15 feet makes them feel as they are in charge. You dont want that. You are the one in charge. Keep them at your side, and use play time in a safe place, like your home.
Or you can walk a different path next time so he doesnt have to to the 15 feet to find what he is smelling, he will be right beside you.

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