SEE ALSO THE VIDEO WITH THE OTHER FIVE ACTIVITIES THAT HIM PRACTICE IN MY CHANNEL! Look this xtreme pitbull dog ! Best dog world! Rajah is best pit bull on the world in action!!!! Dog dive champion !!!! Dive dog!!!! Game dog . Rajah is one of the most complete Pit Bulls in the world!! Trained in the training center of the pit bull RC in Brasilia Sports won the largest number of bonds between all the dogs of his District, becoming the greatest champion that the Federal District has ever known!!Watch this video footage of him coaching some diving!!! If interested in puppies, please contact us at email: [email protected] Thanks for watching!! Make a comment!!!
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*Official Video: My dog, Teddy is a 6 year old cocker spaniel with an amazing trick. Even the Late Show with David Letterman wants Teddy on his show. He also appeared on “Who Let the Dogs Out” on BBC Scotland as well as several Japanese news and TV shows. I don’t let him cross his eyes too often as I’m afraid he’ll get headaches.

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