Question by Bandit.: How many people actually research what their dog is eating?

“We recommend Iams Puppy Chow in the yellow bag…for your Berners or some other high quality dog food. Bernese Mountain Pups grow very fast and you want to make sure they have a great balance of protien and other supplements. ”

…high quality?! Now I know this is a typical BYB [selling on a breed contract to ANYONE?!] But they say a growing Berner needs good nutrition and reccommend Iams?!

… -_-

My question is – how many people do actually research with regard to what their dog eats?

I took great delight in talking loudly to my brother about a cheap crappy supermarket food and pointing out that the “Lamb and Chicken” can contained 4% lamb and chicken while in a store today. 😛
There’s nothing wrong with buying in your price range, Julie. When we had a lot of cats it was hard to get the balance. But by giving him stuff that you know is good (fresh meat or fish) it’s a good thing. No need for the TD so have a TU from me! 🙂
Rayven – I was just browsing various breeders for the BMD and I found this website.. I’d love to see what these pups turn out like. They politely request that you get their elbows checked… o.0

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Answer by Dont Litter! Spay or Neuter
I do

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