Question by Country gurl <3: APBT and service dogs in ohio?
I have epilepsy, anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder.
I own a 3year old female APBT. She is very intelligent, and defiantly comforts me when i am having an anxiety attack, or after i have a seizure.
I know that many people train their own service dogs, and was wondering if i could do the same. Where do you have to go for training? Well i live in Ohio, and i’ve read that you can not have a “owner trained” service dog in OH…is this true???
I wouldn’t mind taking her to see a professional trainer, but don’t know of any registered service dog organization in my area.
I also read that emotional support animals are not allowed inside public areas, whether they are trained or not. Is this true???

If anybody could give me more info on this subject i would greatly appreciate it!

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Answer by Bare Nekkid TRUTH!
emotional support dogs are NOT the same thing as service dogs.

A service dog has to be trained to perform a task or function that assists with your disability. Emotional Support animals are not trained to perform any task or function.

Start calling local dog trainers in your area and see if any of them have experience with training service dogs, or if they can reccommend a trainer.

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