Question by 。◦ ♡ ° 。◦ ♡ °: Barbeque or sandwich picnic?
I’m going to be hosting a picnic soon and I’m debating if my friends and I should be eating grilled food or sandwiches.
Barbeque can be more complicated because we have to bring a portable bbq and we have to cook the food. But I’m thinking we won’t need a lot of “ingredients” (hot-dogs and hamburgers)

Sandwich: We would not be preparing the sandwiches beforehand (we would bring bread, ham, turkey and all that stuff and then each person would prepare their own sandwich). Sandwiches are obviously less complicated than barbecued food but it seems like there’s a lot more stuff you have to bring.

Should I chose bbq or sandwich?

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Answer by Problem_Officer
Bring sandwiches but get hoagie rolls instead of bread slices. Much more fun and enjoyable.

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