Question by My Klevra! Kevina’s 14 dys o: Professional vs. Personal training when it comes to …?
owning a dog? I know I repeatedly see answers to people’s questions in regards to misbehaving puppies and it’s almost always “doggie obedience” or “puppy kindergarten” or even better “hire a dog behaviorist”. I understand that in some circumstances yes it is necessary to hire a professional to help you deal with an overly aggressive dog or one that has been abused in the past, but are we in a general sense just deciding to pass the buck, no pun intended, and not take the responsibilty of owning a dog on ourselves. I think in the past 2 weeks I have been asked 5 different times if I am going to enroll my GSD in a basic obedience class. My answer,no, why should I? He’s perfectly well behaved and we work with him daily on being used to all types of situations, he’s only 16 weeks old for pete’s sake. Anyway… I know how I feel about it, what’s your opinion?
In my own case yes I can train the dog. But I guess I just don’t see it as serious necessity for even most pet owners. I don’t send my children off to behaviorists to find out what to do with them when they misbehave. I think it’s all common sense. Yes I know there are quite a few people in this world who lack that. LOL
Miaugh: I totally agree. It sort of goes hand in hand with the common sense comment. We rescued a Great Dane that was left outside on the owners back cement patio with very little water and very little food. he was 20 pounds under weight when we took him, and I do mean took. We gave the owners the option of handing him over to us or having animal control take him. They said the reason they kept him out back all alone was becasue he was “unruly and destructive”. He was so the opposite. Within the first 24 hours of being in our home he was trained to sit, stay and lay and my 3 year old at the time could walk him on a leash (supervised of course). He never once tried to bite, nip, pull, jump, or chew on anything other than his toys. Although he took a fancy to me when I ovulated. he would try to hump me and woudl mark me. It wasn’t pretty. LOL
Carrie S: I see that in your case and I think it’s wonderful that it works for you. When you know that you do not have the “tools” like other dogs or kids, it’s wonderful that you acknowledge that and saught out how to give him the stimulation he needs
hey Chetco: I thought they already had stuff like that. All the Nintendogs and Kitty Vet. LOL Some people should seriously only be allowed to own virtual pets. LOL
Okay I know totally off the subject but, we need to figure out a dog breeding video game. Maybe that would help people realize everything that goes into breeding.LOL
Miaugh: As frustrated and “abrupt/rude” as I can get sometimes after reading some of the questions/stories on here it’s always nice to hear about the good things pet owners do. Kinda helps restore my faith, in a small portion of the human race anyway.

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Answer by Zaxx
i say get a mut =D and teach it while it young

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