Question by mwoof111: Why do people hate small dogs? And call them stupid?
I have 2 dogs a small havanese and a golden retriever. They are both very smart dogs and are very well mannered why? Because I trained them. I taught them all their manners and I am not even a teenager yet. They are also not hard to train either. It is true that some small dog breeds mostly terriers are stubborn with commands but most arent usually stubborn when it comes to manners. So why do people think dogs that are small dont deserve to be dogs? Why do they think they are stupid I mean I know people spoil them but stupid I have no idea how anyone would come up with that. I mean my havanese is anything but stupid he can open his crate,open doors,open cabinets,get on top of things with out jumping,makes up his only “agility course” out of furniture,and is a genius at pit-pocketing(He oddly likes stealing paper to shred)
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Answer by ♥PomMom♥®™
Because it’s very easy to spoil a little dog and many little dogs don’t have manners because of it. They get away with a lot of bad behavior.

My brother has Labs and even though he likes my dogs, he would never get a small dog. Little dogs are just not his preference.

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