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Woodland Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 05, 2011, a regularly updated blog by a dedicated rescue dog owner, has recently updated to include new posts that recount personal experiences, struggles and provide information to others about the importance of adopting rescue animals. The blog, “Lucky in Love” tells the comical story of how the blogger’s beloved rescue dog has become attached to the neighbor’s pot belly pig. The post goes over how the dog’s odd behavior eventually led the pet owner to conclude that Lucky the dog was interested in another species, humorously explaining how Lucky is oblivious to the fact that their neighbor is a pig.

A more serious post, “37 Dogs Gassed in Ohio” explains a tragic incident that occurred in which 37 dogs that were rescued from an abusive home were prematurely put down before the proper waiting period. The article explains the the owners of the facility decided to euthanize the dogs before they were ever considered for adoption. The post also explains the author’s personal feelings towards tragedies of this nature, expressing frustration and overall despair about the people and organizations who allow this to go on.

Another informative post, “Failed Rescue Sanctuary” tells of the anguish one can feel from hearing the heart wrenching story of an animal sanctuary which was shut down due to an abusive owner. The author again expresses the frustration felt from being privy to such stories and explains that the information was given via e-mail from the ASPCA. The blog goes on to ask several questions regarding why this tragedy must happen and what motivates people to be cruel to animals. The blog provides links for readers to find more information or sign petitions which can prevent things of this sort from happening in the future.

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