Question by Nicole Deen: How do i make my dog fat? ?
ok my dog just got over parvo
shes super skinny and ccant eat much
because shes not been eating for the past week
she wants to eat alot but i dont want her tummy
to explode. what kinda foods can i give her to
make her gain her weight back quicker? i am open
to human food if raw meat will work or
pasta cuz i know that makes me fat lol. or is ther some pills i can buy?
keep in mind i cant buy “high quality dog food” im broke just like everyone
else is after vet bills and so on so she has to get the cheapest biggest bags lol
I think im gunna try the puppy food Advise shes still a puppy anyways only 6 months old :))) ty everyone

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Answer by explosivrice
hmm just feed her a little more each day so her body gets used to it. lol that’s how my dog gained weight…even though that was kind of by accident.
but yeah make sure she still get regular exercise so she won’t just be out of shape..

good luck 😀

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