Question by Carrie S: Good books on natural health for dogs??
I have been reading “the nature of animal healing” by Martin Goldstein and have been learning a lot. I like the book and like any other book I don’t agree with everything but it is a good start on becoming more educated so I can ask my vet more questions. I am very concerned about what my dogs eat and the vaccinations and medicine they get. I like the way he worte the book because he doesn’t suggest that all medicine and pet foods are bad just that some are and vaccines are over used and while some are needed why every year for the life of the dog?
I learned a lot about “ingredients” in pet food and just so much from this book I would like to read more but yes I still plan to take my dogs to the vet when they are ill. I just want to be able to ask what are you giving my dog and make more informed choices about what they are given.
I am sure there are people around here who have good suggestions on books since I don’t have a holistic vet in my area I want to work with my vet

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Answer by Jordan S
I don’t know if there are books on it but here are a couple breeders who raise their animals naturally. Maybe you could email them. All of these breeders feed a raw diet and they use little or no vaccinations unlike like most pet owners and breeders.

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