Question by Mamie: Autism and stress on the marriage?
My husband and I have been struggling emotionally dealing with the severity of our 3 year old son’s autism since his diagnosis last year. This is a child who does not know his own name, cannot speak, answer or acknowledge any question, screams in public, bites himself when frustrated, and smears feces all over himself and his room on a regular basis.

We’ve taken him to specialists, Early Childhood Intervention, speech therapists, and ABA therapy in our home everyday. We tried the GF/CF diet; which made him incredibly ill and had to be discontinued after a month. I don’t like or agree with the ABA therapy; it seems like “dog training”, but my husband is adamant that we try everything we can.

Nothing has helped.

At the end of my rope here, please help.

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Answer by Ted E. Bere
Give him to the state orphanage … have another kid and hope for a normal one.

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