Question by Patrick S: how much does owning a boxer cost?
My friend has a neighbor who’s can’t keep there 8 month old boxer puppy. They will hold on to it for another few months, but they have to give it up. My parents don’t think we can afford a dog, but I’d help support it. For the winter and exercise when I can’t go out, I would teach it too walk on the treadmill “Yes I know lazy”, but I just wanted to know if someone could give me an estimate on how much their boxer costs them. I’m 16 and I would get a job to help support it too.

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Answer by Michelle Dare
When looking at getting an animal especially a dog, you would probably have to expect to pay at least $ 500 or more a year on food, shelter, shots, shampoo etc. You just have to realize you will have to pay for food monthly, shots yearly, heart worm prevention, flea and tick prevention and veterinary visits.

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