Question by Rachel: Taking my dog to a vet that he’s never been to before…what information are they going to want?
I am soooo happy, because if you remember, I’m the one with the dog who licks and bites his paws all the time, and my parents won’t do anything about it, they just let him suffer and won’t take him to the vet, because my mom has convinced herself that the dog does this because he’s bored. My mom also thinks he’s annoying and irritating when he’s licking so she yells at him all the time and will even smack him at times.

So I’ve been planning for awhile to take the dog to the vet myself, since I can now drive, and I have already tried to convince my mom to take him to the vet because she just insists that the dog does this just for the heck of it and also just rolled her eyes when I told her that hitting him for this is wrong. So anyway, I have FINALLY gotten an appointment scheduled! I am so happy. But the thing is, my dog has never been to this vet. I asked the vet that he always goes to about the prices, but they were very expensive. So I’m taking him to this vet instead which is cheaper, and they recommended first just getting him examined before actually getting him allergy tested in case there’s something else they can do. So I’m taking him there, but the only thing is, they said to either call them or just wait till I go there for the appointment to give them “information”. I’m just wondering what it is. I know they’ll need my name and stuff about the dog. But are they going to want information about his medical history and stuff? That’s what I’m worried about because I have no clue about any of that. My mom has always been the one to take him to the vet for check-ups and when he has ear infections (and even though she’d take him for that stuff, she still wouldn’t even ask about his paws). I’d have to ask my mom and then she’ll wonder why I’m asking. I’m trying to do all this behind her back (she’ll be at work on the day I take the dog to his appointment) because I’m afraid she’ll insist he doesn’t need to go and try to stop me. But I AM taking him and getting this all fixed so he doesn’t have to suffer and so my mom will stop bullying him!
and btw I’m paying for it myself…I realized that mind have sounded bad when I said I’m doing it behind her back, but I’m not stealing her money or anything. I’m paying myself, which is why I couldn’t take him to his regular vet because I couldn’t afford it.
tracey, I’m almost certain that the dog is not doing this to do boredom. If he were only licking his paws, and only did it sometimes, I would think it was possible. But I am sure that no dog would bite his own feet and make them bleed as a form of entertainment. Something isn’t right about that. He also will do it for hours at a time. If you try to distract him and give him a toy or something, he just keeps licking and biting. If it was just boredom then he would probably take the toy.
*due to boredom. Argh, I don’t know why I can’t type tonight. I noticed I made a lot of typos!

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If you call his regular vet, you can give them the fax number to the new vet and request that his records be faxed over to them. That’s the easiest way. All they really need is the dates on his vaccines, and maybe any large medical problems he’s had in the past. And they’ll ask for his age and stuff like that. It’s really not a big deal though, if you don’t have the information just tell them. Plenty of rescued dogs have no medical history, it doesn’t impede them from treating the condition that is present now.

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