Question by Jacqueline: Should I use a training (shock) collar on a 5 month old German Shepherd puppy?
Okay, so the collar is my absolute last resort now. I have put my puppy in puppy training classes, Had a trainer come to my home, used the spray bottle technique, the rocks in the can technique, “pretended to cry” when he “play” bites (but really hurts like hell), and so on so forth… I just ordered the collar online, and am waiting for it to get here, and now Im starting to second guess on using it. I feel like its abuse I guess. The story of my dog…. He is a 65 lb German Shepherd puppy, who is LITERALLY constantly jumping on, biting, and barking at my 8 year old daughter. He chases my other dog (a 6 pound yorkie) and cat around all day as well. Jumping on them, biting them, etc.My daughter stays in her room the whole day with the other dog and the cat on some days, because he is constantly attacking them!!! He is getting way to big to handle now, me being 9 months pregnant, and I need to zap this problem in the butt before the baby is here and he hurts the baby too. So, is the collar safe? Is it abuse? My trainer says it is definitely abuse and she is totally against it, so please tell me what your thoughts are on the shock collar. Thanks so much.
Ok, so my puppy gets LOTS of excercise! I take him to the tennis courts a couple times a day and throw the ball with him for a while, he runs around outside tons, and we go for walks 2 or 3 times a day! And i am constantly correcting his behavior and rewarding his good behavior!!! I have had large breed dogs before, he is just one of those dogs…

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I am also against it. You can train him just as well without it, you just have to believe in yourself 🙂

Good luck with the baby, too 🙂

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