Hot Dog Cart Guru Provides Business Tips and Strategies on His New Website

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 4, 2010

Perry “The Hot Dog Guy” has great new information on how to earn huge amounts with a hot dog cart business. Imagine making hundreds of dollars every hour and working the hours that fit any schedule. The hot dog business is hard work but the rewards are equally fantastic. Chances of huge success are far greater if you have some help and direction.

Find the right location for and start a hot dog cart business. There are over 18 billion hot dogs sold every year in the United States? Imagine how well a business could do with just a small portion of that consumption. Then add in drinks, chips, cookies and you can easily see how it is to create profitable business in no time.

Perry “The Hot Dog Guy” will gives step by step instructions on how to start and run a hot dog cart business. Perry shares his award winning recipes and all of the secrets to running a successful hot dog cart business. Everything you need is included. Get a quick start guide, legal forms and paperwork, digital menu masters, and three hours of audio recordings detailing how to get going and make money fast.

The best part about a hot dog cart business is that it is recession proof and can be as small a business or a big a business. The business can have just one cart that or several carts with employees running them. Get started now by following the master Perry “The Hot Dog Guy”. Some owners just want to add extra income and other owners find that the business is so good that several carts is more appealing and produces an amazing amount of income.

With the economy as tough as it is right now and the lack of job stability many people have come up with this business as a plan B. It is easy to start a hot dog cart business on the weekend and then as the business grows it can be expand. Getting laid off is no long a worry for hot dog cart owners because they have a fallback plan.Remember there is no better business in a recession because hot dogs are an affordable favorite.

You can visit his website for a free hot dog cart mini-course at



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