Question by watchout_fallback: dog “lovers” atitudes?
Why do animal “lovers” or dog “lovers” always act condescending and arragont? Hence, I did not say vets or animal behaviorist etc. Forums, in person, over the net else where. Seriously, I’ve given up asking questions, because I always get the answer “You’re an irresponsible owner” or something implying it, then NEVER get the answer or get some sort of answer that doesn’t apply then they say they can’t give info because they aren’t a professional. First off, I am ASKING to gain more knowledge, so I can become a better guardian. Second, I know I am anything but an irresponsible guardian. So, I seriously want to know why.

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Answer by gentleannie
Depend on your questions, right now don’t know what your talking about, if it a health issue, you SHOULD seek professional help, then let us know what you were told and help some of us.

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