‘Stop Your Dog Eating Poop: The Complete Guide for Frustrated Dog Owners’ by Mia Montagliani can help owners finally resolve their dogs’ poop-eating habit

(PRWEB) October 15, 2011

Poop eating is a common, and potentially fatal, canine habit.

Also known as coprophagia, this habit is unsafe for the dog’s health if the feces contain any diseases, parasites or poisons. Until now, veterinarians have only been able to offer long suffering dog owners anecdotal advice on how to stop this behavior. A new e-book by a dog trainer and veterinarian is set to change all that.

Titled ‘Stop Your Dog Eating Poop: The Complete Guide for Frustrated Dog Owners’, this e-book covers the many and varied reasons why dogs engage in poop eating and gives dog owners practical advice and strategies on stopping poop eating permanently.

Industry expert Mia Montagliani from Your Dog Needs You (dog trainer) is the author of this e-book, with contributions from Kath Luty (a qualified veterinarian). They say that dog owners should not have to suffer embarrassment, frustration and worry over their dogs’ health that comes with this habit.

“Poop eating is rarely accidental – a dog’s taste for poop can escalate into a hardcore habit which means the dog is often immune to the owner’s efforts to stop it. We’ve made it easy for dog owners to find the most suitable ways to not only stop the behavior but also the dogs’ cravings. In this way, dog owners no longer need to enter into a battle of wills when their dog spies some poop,” says Mia.

“Dog owners frequently seek advice from their veterinarian on how they can stop this problem. The advice they get is often anecdotal and only partially effective. With this e-book, dog owners can find the root cause of their dogs’ habit and put into place effective strategies, including simple changes to the dog’s diet and behavior,” says Kath.

Other topics include management of a stressed or bored dog, alleviating separation anxiety and tips for giving your dog dietary supplements.

‘Stop Your Dog Eating Poop: The Complete Guide for Frustrated Dog Owners’ is available on-line from 25 September 2011 (RRP $ 17.97) at http://mydogeatspoop.net


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