Question by loveabull2006: Here is another good one?
The other day I just put up the question “Why is this site a joke?” Here is a good example. In the pets/dogs section, someone asked about thier dog having arthritis. Well, about 3 years ago my dog was diagnosed with arthritis. So, I figure I can be helpful and provide some good info on that. I spent about 10-15 mins writing down what I have done, what food I feed my dog, what supplements my vet recommended I give my dog,etc. Someone writes, ” I would check with the vet first before giving the dog any supplements”,, and there is the best answer, voted by none other than you know whOO! I know I won’t be wasting my time writing long answers anymore. This is entertainment at it’s finest! I’ll just write, “go see a vet”, ” go to doctor” or “good luck”. Who cares if you get some thumbs down, you still just got 2 points and can rack up another quick 2 by moving on to the next question and writing a one sentence answer. This is truly a joke. I’ll start getting my laughs in while I write silly worthless stuff and earn points. WHAT A JOKE!

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Answer by SHEILA H
I think I would be annoyed after giving good advice for the best answer to go to something like ‘see a vet first’. Common sense would tell the asker to go to see a vet anyway, but they are trying to save money and ask people on here. Your answer sounded good to me and I will give you a star for this question to cover the best answer that you missed.
It is annoying when you see ‘idk’ win best answer, it makes you wonder it the answerer was a friend of the asker. Is it all worth it sometimes, its when they give you best answer and then rant at you that you did complete the whole question. Sorry next time I will pop round their house and do their homework for them.
Good to get things off your chest isnt it!

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