Question by onederman: Why is it always “someone” else’s fault when a pit bull attacks someone.?
I’m just curious. My uncle has two and they’ve bitten him, his own kids,plus people that go over,but its never the dogs fault. He said one of the dogs bit his son because his son was teasing it,ok,fine. Another time,someone went over and my uncle had the nerve to say the dog bit the guy just because he wore a “yellow shirt”. When the dog bit him,he was blowing leaves off his cement driveway and the dog was scared so he bit him. I’m also curious as to why have a high risk dog like that when the media and everyone is against them? I,for one,dont want lawsuits on my hand like my uncle is going through. He told me he paid $ 1,200 for each pitbull and I told him that I’d rather lose $ 2,400 than to have to sell my house and everything I own just to keep a dog because you have to go to court every week.

My uncle has had pitbulls since I was a kid,and I’m 29 right now,and he has bred them and trained them. he’s very gentile with them and other dogs as well,so he’s very educated on them
I know that they’re not “people aggressive” but they are “animal aggressive” So,if you’re trying to save ur dog from a pitbull attack,the pitbull wont bite you in the process?

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Answer by GllntKnight
Apparently not trained well enough if they are biting

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