Question by Sammyleggs222: Having a canine “electric” fence installed to contain our Dalmatian. Would you share your experiences please?
Do they work? Are they really humane or do they scare your dog when zapped? Any information of long time use appreciated.
Reason for my purchase is to give our dog a larger area to run freely without being on a 60 foot lead with a 30 foot leash attached and to keep her safe. We live in a light traffic, isolated neighborhood……We also hope she just barks and does not run after people as they take their walks daily. Thanks for your help!!!….
Samantha is exercised and loved..spoiled rotten. She is my baby and I feed her a homemade diet…We want to give her more run area without the leash restrictions.
I checked into and am having it done this week…the in the ground wire is suppose to emit a charge 6 feet in all directions…Sam has never jumped more than say 4 feet high on a good running clip! She is a runner and loves her walks to smell and jog. we just want more exercise and disipline outside for her…we feel she may be bored in one area on her run…
As far a strays..Samantha has been spayed at 13 mos. I do fear any dogs that may be mean/picking fights….but she’d be out if I or my family is home….we are constantly ears up when she is outside…..she will bark at new/strange happenings or people around. We know the sound of her barks just like you know the tone of your baby’s cry or tone in a child;s voice.
MariPere…she was tied out to a limited run when she was outside before this consideration…now she can run up to any 5 doors into the house and alert me with the fence installed…She was safe…
Our property is large and the layout of a fenced area for the max use of our yard would be awkward. We considered it but it would just be confining….we gave this a lot of thought for the best use of our land and free roam of Sammy!

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Answer by Erin G
Well i’ve had bad experiences, but i’ve known people who have had good… ours gave my dog seisures (or so we think) but a friend of mine swears by it.

The only problems that my friend has, is that, if the dog wants something bad enough.. and your dog is brave.. it will run through the fence, and will be able to go far enough from it to be out of range of the fence.

I would do some research on the different brands on the internet first, and see what suits you best.

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