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Question by HadesTheDobe: Why would any choose a dog food that lists “Animal Fat” or “Meat By-Product” in the ingredients?
When an ingredient is listed as “animal fat”, the chances are that the animals that are used to make this “animal fat” are of the 4-D varied (dead, diseased, disabled or dying prior to slaughter). There are no regulations against this. They can (and do) use dogs and cats that are euthanized at shelters, restaurant and grocery store refuse (meaning food past it’s expiration). It is even well-known that they don’t even discard the dog tags, flee collars or bags that the dead dogs are put in. They just grind all that up to. That is disgusting. In other words, some of us are allowing our dogs to be cannibals.

Then they have ingredients listed as “By-Product” which by definition means that a company is using the discarded remains of an animals carcass that is deemed inappropriate for human consumption which includes, but is not limited to, lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, livers, blood, bone, partially defatted low temperature fatty tissue, and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents.

I would like to hear from the people who feed stuff like Science Diet, Royal Canin, Iams, Purina, Pedigree, Kibbles N’ Bits and so about why they are ok feeding their dogs these kinds of ingredients?

Is it just a matter of being cheap? Not caring about your dogs well-being? Not considering your dog important enough? Just laziness?
Edit: Chez, I didn’t give you a thumbs down. I’m just wondering what goes through peoples heads. The proof is right there in front of people yet they still feed their dogs this stuff. On top of that, Taste of the Wild is 10 times better of a food and costs $ 15 less per bag then Science Diet.
EDIT: Lauren I feed Taste of the Wild and Orijen. They use no fillers, no by-products, and no corn. I don’t feed my dogs the bodies of other dead dogs. That’s gross.
EDIT: Robert, if you notice, it’s the commercial brands that meet the bare minimum standards. Corn is indigestible to dogs yet they all use it. The other ingredients are extremely low quality and extremely cheap and then they charge an arm and a leg for them. Research? Really? Look at all there “specially formulated” brands. They are exactly the same as far as ingredients go.
EDIT: Actually Cat, if a company lists something as “Animal Fat” or “Meat and Bone Meal” or “Animal By-Product” and not with the actual animal listed, they can come from 4-D animals. Rendering plants don’t discriminate with what they put into there stuff and that’s where the commercial companies get these ingredients because they are cheap.
EDIT: Very good arguments so far. I love this question. It’s like arguing Republican vs. Democrat. The problem I have so far is that the Science Diet, Iams and so on crowd is only saying “my dog is doing good on it”. How do you know? Have you ever considered the long term effects? My parents had a Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel die of kidney failure on Science Diet but they seemed fine.
EDIT: Julie, I really like your response. I was more pointing out the disgusting aspects of commercial foods. I know corn is really bad and so is soy and all the other wheats and fillers in those but I was focusing on the gross.
EDIT: For Ashleigh, let me change my intitial question for is it laziness and so on, to is it a matter of taking your veterinarians word for it? Is it a matter of not reading the bag? Is it a matter of assuming a big company would cut corners?
EDIT: Ashleigh. Well said. I gave you a thumbs up. My question is more geared around people that CAN afford the better foods yet for some odd reason they pay $ 55 for Science Diet. In my opinion, if you can afford Science Diet, Eukanuba, Royal Canin or any of the other expensive commercial brands, then you are just throwing away your money because the ingredient in them are the same as the cheaper commercial brands. It’s all corn, soy, animal by-product, animal fat and fillers. Just the expensive brands have good marketing to go along with a bad product.
EDIT: Schmeemers, I like this comment: “What do you think they’d eat in the wild? The slowest, oldest, sickest or dead animal in the herd.”

My question to you is, do you see a lot of wild dogs eating corn and soy as their main nutrition source because that’s what people are getting from those commercial companies.

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