Question by Sexy Texy: What kind of cookies would make the best “dog” treats?
My 2 year old is always pretending to be different animals but most of the time she’s a dog. Nothing tickles her more than when you rub her belly or give her a bowl of water to lap from (hey, I’m ALL for encouraging my kids’ imaginations…)

So I was thinking since I’m making cookies later I’d make a small batch of cookies to make into “dog” treats for her. But they have to be realistic, so dry and crunchy.

Any ideas on what kind of cookies would work best?
Out of molasses :/

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Answer by .hor. It’s home, folks.

Hm. Could you make biscotti? That’s dry and crunchy. Or peanut butter maybe…use cookie cutters or your fingers to shape them like dog bones?

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