Question by White Shooting Star of HK: Why do evolutionists say we are “animals”?
NO!!! We are NOT animals called Homo Sapiens. Animals don’t have morals, conscience, and the ability to learn in a human level.

Have you ever seen an animal that could be taught to do algebra? They can’t logic like we do. You atheist want to talk about logic?! Well, animals can’t do logic.

Just look at the complexity of languages, when babies are born, parents communicate with them and they able to learn the language, the ability to speak and listen. In fact, when God made Adam and Eve, they were able to know the language right away!

I believe God encoded us the ability to learn human language, that’s why we CAN’T ever learn animal’s language. Good luck trying to figure out what your dog is barking about.

You can’t teach a dog to speak! I don’t care how smart you think a dog or a dolphin is. Try speaking to your puppy and see if your dog can speak the human language!

This is the evidence that there is God! The bible says so.

When you can teach your dog to say “evolution is a fact” in english, then I will give up my belief!

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Answer by Alexis
If you wish to take the position that you are a fungus, I will not argue.

You obviously possess a fundamental deficiency in understanding how hierarchical categorization works.

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