Question by skye.meadows: My dog barks viciously at others …what can I do?
My 7 year old 16 pound mixed breed dog has a really big problem with fear and aggression. I’ve had her for a bout 4 years and she was about 3 yrs. old when i got her from a shelter, and i don’t know her history pre-adoption. After I had her for a little over a year, we went to a 6 week group obedience training a couple of years ago. She learned all of the obedience “tricks” when I trained her at home. However every week when we went to the sessions she would not perform in front of the group.
she barks viciously when someone knocks at the door, when someone rings the bell, when someone approaches me, when she rides in the car and sees strangers…i try to distract her with treats with water in a spray bottle and with voice commands. Nothing has worked for the 4 yrs. that I’ve had her. What am I doing wrong? what else can I do? Oh yeah…I know lack of socialization may be a problem but we don’t get out much either because I’m afraid she’ll harm someone.
I’ve tried the procedure in the park. I have stacks of books and we have been to a trainer.
I’m thinking about getting a friend or neighbor to come over and just ring the bell over and over….
but i don’t have anything to reinforce good behaviour since she won’t take treats when she’s anxious and worked up.

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Answer by dean h
Easy fix. Read a book on dog training, or hire in a trainer (or go to classes). Your dog is worth the effort!

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