Keep snow from piling high next to your fence. A packed snowdrift will provide a boost for your dog to jump over the fence and escape the safe confines of your yard. 

Arthritis and Winter

Cold, damp weather aggravates Arthritis can appear in young pets, but is most common in the middle age and geriatric pets. A fracture can make bones susceptible to arthritis after an injury is healed. Overweight pets also suffer from arthritis more than their normal-weight counterparts. 

If your pet is having trouble getting up or laying down, navigating the stairs, or has started to snap or cry when picked up, a visit to the veterinarian is in order. Many new arthritis treatments are available, both natural and medicinal. 

The best way to keep your pets safe is to keep at least one eye on them. Desperate for something to drink, both dogs and cats are happy to lap up antifreeze because it tastes so good. Unfortunately less than a quarter cup of this green molasses can kill a Great Dane, and a teaspoon's worth can end the life of a cat or small dog. Consider using less toxic antifreeze brands with a chemical called Propylene glycol; these kinder and gentler anti-freezes include Sierra and Sta-Clean.

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