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What should I do about my neighbor’s barking dogs?

Question by HammyHam: What should I do about my neighbor’s barking dogs?
My neighbors (live 3 doors down from us) adopted a German short-hair pointer mix about 4-5 months ago, and he’s massive… They had 2 dogs to start with and when they had the two our neighborhood was fairly quiet because they hardly ever barked(okay, so they had an in-ground fence or whatever and the dogs wore the shock collars 24/7 for 5 years… now i noticed yesterday(31/2 years later) that the dogs are STILL wearing the shock collars and they now have a fenced backyard and no need for them!) . Anyways, this new dog they got is extremely obnoxious and annoying!!! They leave the dogs outside all day (they do have food,water,and shelter) but the new dog just sits in their backyard and barks literary all day long. There might not even be anything there for him to bark at, but he barks anyways. They don’t even try to stop the dumb dog from barking and he has jumped the fence at least 5 times. I am completely fed up with the barking and I’m about to call animal control. We have a law/rule that if a dog is barking for more than 15 minutes strait or 30 minutes on and off within 5 minutes of each time then we can legally call and have a notice posted, or they will talk to them about the dog if they are home… But they’re hardly ever home, and didn’t have time for the dogs they already had. I have never seen them take their dogs out of their yard before and whenever I walk past there with my dog the dog goes crazy and howls like mad, tries the jump the fence and won’t shut up. They said they tried a shock no bark collar “but it didn’t work” The other 2 dogs they have don’t even bark anymore because that dog does all the barking for them! 3 weeks ago we had a family move in 2 doors down right next door to the annoying dog and they have a 3 year old and a new baby who I can imagine is sleeping most of the time and the toddler is napping during the day. I can tell the mom is very annoyed with the dog but doesn’t do anything because they’re friends with the people. I love animals, and we have 3 dogs and a cat but this is way out of control. I don’t want to feel like a jerk and have the dog taken away, but if they aren’t going to take the time to properly train the dog I think it’s best if the dog is re-homed. (They adopted the dog from the animal shelter where I volunteer… The dog lived out on a farm with his brother where they both had acres to run in but their owner got sick and had to give them up)… The dog is not getting the attention he deserves. Should I call animal control and have them take the dog back to the shelter? I feel like talking to the people won’t do anything because they don’t even seem to care about the dogs. Some people are just so dumb. … >:l
The dog would be re homed…. our animal shelter is a no kill!!!!

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Answer by Top Contributor Snoop
Sorry ADHD kicked in I think its time to go to bed for me….

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Why is Fox “News” advocating terrorism to stop Health Care reform.?

Question by Fly in the Ointment: Why is Fox “News” advocating terrorism to stop Health Care reform.?
Fox “News” is now advocating terror. Dick Morris, a Fox favorite, told his audience to “terrorize” their Congressman. He was talking about Blue Dog Senators in the Congress and said that they should be “terrorized” into not signing on to the Health Care Legislation. Fox has done nothing to stop this behavior. Do you think it is time for the Attorney General to look into Fox? Maybe a closer look at their inner workings and supporters could shed some light on the “fair and balanced” network. If any of the News networks like ABC,CNN,CBS,MSNBC etc. did this, they too would be in hot water with the Feds.

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Answer by Classical Liberal
I fully expect this administration to shut down Fox for not falling in line with the state-run media. I’m just trying to enjoy it while I can.

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types of dog food supplements

types of dog food supplements Make dog food at home. Your dog can benefit greatly from home made dog food and its easy,fast and cheap to make with our recipes. See more at Site in video. grain free dog food petsmart how much is dog food at costco icing recipe for dog treats yogurt peanut…
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Thrive! Foods Offers Holiday Dog Deals; Send Snack Pack for $.99 with SuperTreats Purchase; $1 Per Gift to Animal Rescue

Thrive! Foods Offers Holiday Dog Deals; Send Snack Pack for $ .99 with SuperTreats Purchase; $ 1 Per Gift to Animal Rescue

Send a SuperTreats! Surprise Snack Pack!

Roswell, Ga. (PRWEB) November 19, 2008

Seeking something special for man’s best friend this holiday season? Check out where a best-of-the-web gift is available for dog lovers who want a unique, healthy dog treat people can eat, too!

Thrive! Foods, maker of the SuperTreats line of dog snacks with only natural ingredients including whole grains, vitamin-dense fruits and vegetables, antioxidant-rich spices and healthy omega-3’s, is offering a Surprise! Snack Pack.

For $ .99 AND free shipping when you buy one pack of SuperTreats, Thrive! will send a two-treat pouch accompanied with a personalized message from your dog to her best friend. With gifts bought now through December 25, 2008, $ 1 from every purchase will go to select rescue organizations across the country.

Also available at are SuperTreats! gift boxes in a four- or- five healthy treat variety pack with free shipping. SuperTreats come in five flavors including: Hip Health Pumpkin Spice, Pro-Immune Ginger Snaps, Vitality Granola Bites, top-seller Pro-Digestive Papaya Chews and Pro-Health Biscotti. Made in the U.S.A. in an FDA-certified facility, the dog treats are available at independent retailers or on the web at

About Thrive! Foods

Thrive! Foods is privately held and was launched in 2006 to deliver great tasting, nutritious snacks made with fruit, vegetable, and grain super foods that are nutrient-dense and loaded with antioxidants to address the growing chronic health issues among families and their pets. The company’s line of SuperTreats contains a variety of best-selling products including Pro-Immune Ginger Snaps, Vitality Granola Bites, Pro-Digestive Papaya Chews; Pro-Health Biscotti and the Hip Health Pumpkin Spice. The company’s web site is accessible at



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Free Dog Training Courses Provided By To Help Aid Adoptive Dog Owners

Free Dog Training Courses Provided By To Help Aid Adoptive Dog Owners

Lacey, WA (PRWEB) February 28, 2011, producers of training guides that offer a hands-off approach to various aspects of training man’s best friend, has begun sending out free copies of its dog training courses to animal shelters across the country. The effort is part of an ongoing plan by the company to support pet adoption by making the training period simpler and faster for the adoptive family. “We began sending out the free copies so that the shelters would have these as an incentive for families that were looking at the possibility of adopting a new dog,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“In our communications with various animal shelters around the country, we found that the primary reason that families may have had for changing their minds about adopting that new dog, was the perceived difficulty and lack of knowledge when it came to training the animal. They were afraid that they would have a rough time with getting the dog trained to go on paper or only outside, they were also commonly worried that the dog might become an annoyance to neighbors – by barking all night, and they were worried that the dog might not get along with younger members of the family – sometimes dogs tend to get a bit jealous of babies – especially if they were there first.”

“It is the hope of our CEO, Chet Womach, that by making this move to give back, more and more families will now see dog adoption in a new light, and give that pooch that they fell in love with at the shelter a fighting chance at a new life. With the step-by-step programs that we supply to new pet owners, the days of disobedient, ill-mannered pets becomes a thing of the past.”


My “Hands Off” dog training system is a simple step-by-step system that shows you how to completely eliminate any of your dog’s problems WITHOUT having to touch, yell, or punish your dog in any way which can lead to regression in his behavior.

You’ll discover “clever” tricks to motivate your dog to do ANYTHING you want… and SUPER clever techniques for motivating him to STOP doing things you don’t want him to do without the high prices of a dog training school.

# # #

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COOL SUMMER FASHION FOR SMALL DOGS. Woof – The Small Dog Company Introduces Hawaiian Shirts and Muu Muus

COOL SUMMER FASHION FOR SMALL DOGS. Woof – The Small Dog Company Introduces Hawaiian Shirts and Muu Muus

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2003 –

– There are many ways for small dog owners to beat the heat this summer, one of which is to outfit them in cool summer clothes. Woof – The Small Dog Company, an upscale apparel and accessory company for small dogs, is selling a new summer line of T-shirts, dresses, aloha shirts, Muu Muus and accessories such as bows, leashes and a designer line of crystal necklaces.

“Last summer we noticed retail customers buying sweaters for their dogs, because there wasn’t much else,” said Jane Noh, designer and co-owner of Woof. “That’s when we decided to expand our line to include a range of quality summer clothing.”

“We can’t keep the Woof products stocked on the shelves,” said Kimberly Walker, owner of Teacups Puppies & Boutique in Hollywood, Florida. “The Woof line has been a wonderful addition to our boutique.”

The small dog market has been attracting a lot of attention as celebrities and consumers flock towards ownership of smaller dog breeds. Small dog breeds, which average up to 20 lbs., currently make up 35% of the entire dog population and are one of the fastest growing sectors of the pet products industry.

Woof’s line of clothing retails for $ 29.99 and up, with their limited edition outfits starting at $ 54.99. Accessories start at $ 1.00 up to $ 34.99 for their Swarovski crystal Tiaras. The company’s products are available on the web at and through select boutiques across the US and Canada.

“We only use the highest quality materials and all of our products are handmade,” says Susan Hong, designer and co-owner of Woof.

About Woof – The Small Dog Company

Ridgefield Park, NJ-based Small Dog Company -Woof is a designer, manufacturer and seller of apparel and accessories for small dogs. Woof products are handmade using the highest quality materials. Woof retailers are located all over the world. Products can be purchased from retailers, or online at

Note to Editors:

Please contact Darryl Ng at 201-931-1116 for a free brochure and print-ready photos. Woof is currently working on their fall and winter line of clothing. Woof will be featuring 100% cashmere and lambs wool sweaters, as well as a one of a kind ski parka.

Woof’s top retailers include: Teacups Boutique, Hollywood, FL; Princessfield, Toronto, Ontario CANADA and Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan; Canine Ranch, NY, NY; The Woofery, Los Angeles, CA; Aiken Do, Honolulu, HI and Muttropolis, San Diego, CA.

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Cool “cutest Dog” images

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Cute dog on bus

Image by termie
Cute dog on bus


Image by ThyPope
A cute dog tied to a dog post

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