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Q&A: What would you be selling in front of “heaven’s gates” ??

Question by clo: What would you be selling in front of “heaven’s gates” ??
Imagine you had a “stand” for those in line to enter “Heaven”.
Hot Dogs? Candies ? What ???

Best answer:

Answer by peace seeker
flowers & biggest smiles just to welcome them!!

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Aromatherapy for Dogs

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A Truly Healthy Dog
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Q&A: why does my dog always “guard” the food bowl and not let my other dog near?

Question by =]: why does my dog always “guard” the food bowl and not let my other dog near?
shell just be laying there not even eating
and when my other dog walks near her, shell jump on her and bark

they always get along too and always playing
its just when shes guardin the food, she wont let her by

Best answer:

Answer by jeff
it’s fucking nature dumbass.. what a stupid question

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Cool “small Dogs” images

Some cool small dogs images:

small dog

Image by Marion Doss
small dog

25 Food Recipes For Dogs

25 Food Recipes For Dogs
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Professor’s House Launches Dog Information Section

Professor’s House Launches Dog Information Section

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) July 12, 2007

One of the most informative website on the information highway, The Professor’s House, has launched its brand new Dog Information section. Keeping in tune with the website’s information about all things for every person, this new section is designed to answer all questions dog related, from bringing a new puppy home, finding a veterinarian, to dog training and dog behavior. This new section is largely devoted to assisting dog owners through the entire life span of owning and caring for their dog and related tips and tricks.

The new Dog Information section encompasses a wide and enjoyable variety advice and tips gathered from some of the best dog specialists around. Dog trainers, dog breeders, veterinarians, and dog lovers have come together to compile this very special section as a loving tribute to dogs everywhere while keeping their best interests in the forefront of every article. Dog behavior issues, dog psychology, and even dog grieving insights make this part of the illustrious website a dog owner’s must read event. For every dog owner who has experienced dog diarrhea, dog vomiting, chewing, barking, aggression, shyness, and all the other misunderstood dog behaviors out there, this is a one stop shop for owners of all types of canines.

Having reviewed the content, dog expert Steven Hillard remarks, “I’ve been training dogs for 35 years, from aggressive dogs to meek and shy dogs. I have re-educated marine dogs to become house pets, and it’s a relief to see that there is a website that offers advice that is based in factual practice instead of opinionated belief.”

The new dog section of the Professor’s House meets the standards of the rest of the website, sound and solid advice that isn’t afraid to address any issue. With over 14,000 unwanted dogs euthanized daily, and nearly 60% of those coming from homes who did not properly train or could not deal with a behavioral issue, websites that help dog owners raise happy, healthy, socially adjusted dogs does actually contribute to helping ease the stress of the unwanted dog situation. With sound advice and a little commitment, a dog owner can help the dog learn appropriate behaviors rather than drop them off at the shelter.

With the launching of this fabulous Dog Information section, The Professor’s House is opening up new forums for dog owners to ask questions, find answers, share their dog ownership experience, and joint the millions of overjoyed dog owners who share their life and their families with the uniqueness of the human-canine relationship. Nowhere else can dog owners find so much information packed into one web resource.

Throughout the “dog days” of summer, dog owners around the globe can now find new activities, new health care tips, new creative training ideas, and the newest and latest information relating to dog care and summertime (or any time) fun. After all, the most valuable aspect of dog ownership is the joy they bring into the lives of their faithful owners.

About the Professor’s House:

Professor’s House was created by experienced web developer David Beart, who wanted to create a family website that dealt with everything that happens in the home. The result is an all-encompassing resource that has the ability to grow as more visitors discover the site. The subject matter is diverse and covers many aspects of family life: from relationships to child rearing to finances, home décor, food and gardening. Professor’s House not only offers a library of articles, but a variety of visitor forums. For more information, please visit



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Small dog steps on Rob’s crotch

Video Rating: 0 / 5

Penny (dalmatian/ cocker spaniel mix) accidentally steps on Sid’s nether regions. She was old here and couldn’t see very well. Sid has been neutered, so there’s nothing to really step on. Maybe she clawed his taint.
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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