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Question by Ignorance is Bliss: Why do I always end up in the Phillipines?
I’m tired of clicking on the US icon…every time I log in…I’m in the damn Phillipines…..!

I would like to congratulate the dog section with the beginning of the new school year. For us, school starts monday. What about in your area?

Legit: Out of all the issues/problems that a dog can have….whether genetic or developed at some point in his/her life. Which issue / problem is the one that you LEAST like dealing with?

For me….dogs that have severe “separation anxiety” … I’m not a big fan of that .. 😉 As in chewing through crates, destroying everything when you step out…constant whining, crying…etc.
Unlegit: What is your age span? Just wanted to see who makes up our little group here 😉 (me 30-40)
@Skye….We had a dog with epilepsy..its not fun ;( He was diagnosed at about a year…and lived till he was 8-9 yrs old. I’m not sure I would want to do that again, either.
Jeez…Your school years starts late! My bf was on business in Georgia (Atlanta, i think)..their public schools already started a week or two ago!
@ Skye…lol..I would trade with you in age in a HEARTBEAT!!!!
@Uhave2Be…At the very top..were it says “Yahoo Answers”…mine says Yahoo Answers Phillipines…and when I ask a question…right under the question window, it will post “Phillipines”. I scroll all the way to the bottom where the flags are…and click on the US flag
@TJ….I changed countries once in my lifetime…not sure if I want to go through all that trouble again…Maybe a vacation is in my future…lol..that sounds better!!!

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Answer by Sir Hoochalot
LOL not for another couple of weeks here (UK). And that’s just the kids. University students don’t go back to mid/late September or even October.

I remember a while ago I’d always log on and it would be YA Canada.

Aggression to people. Can’t deal with it, won’t deal with it. If my dog ever showed even the slightest bit of aggression to a person (providing he’s not hurt) and it can’t be worked on, he’s dead. Honestly, I’d take a lot of crap from him before I had him put down but non-workable human aggression is something I won’t tolerate.


Rayven I don’t know why but I thought you were much older than that.

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