New Bed Bug Regulations in New York City Face Property Owners

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 29, 2011

Bed Bug Super Dogs, an independent, NESDCA-certified bed bug detection service for the real estate industry, has initiated a “Containment Inspection Program” for New York City residential property owners and managers, who now face increased regulations on the inspection and treatment of bed bugs.

The inspection program – designed to detect the possible presence of bed bugs in residential units surrounding an infested unit – was launched in response to new regulations that require property owners to inspect, and treat if necessary, all units that surround an affected apartment.

“The bed bug pandemic, and these new regulations, create a significant financial burden on property owners, and it is critical to perform inspections efficiently to enable remediation only when necessary,” said Bed Bug Super Dogs CEO David Baer. “Inaccurate inspections could cost property owners enormous amounts of money, and owners should never hire an inspection company that also provides extermination services, as this can create a direct conflict of interest and an incentive to find bed bugs.”

The “Containment Inspection Program” is part of a series of programs designed for owners and managers of commercial, hotel, residential and retail property seeking to prevent the spread of bed bugs, reduce the cost of extermination and limit liability. It features alert confirmation and a cost-savings structure to meet all regulations efficiently. BBSD programs, including quarterly proactive inspections, help to increase control over the bed bug situation.

“It is important to inspect a space with certified dogs and to accurately document the status of a space to help protect owners and operators as the threat of landlord/tenant disputes increases,” Baer said.

BBSD’s proactive inspection and documentation programs increase owners’ ability to identify the source of an infestation, manage remediation and demonstrate a professional response if required in a dispute.

BBSD’s post-inspection reporting includes canine/handler training and certification, inspection protocol and detailed charting using electronic or hard-copy floor plans. BBSD is entirely independent with no relationships to exterminators, enabling it to provide no-conflict inspections.

All BBSD personnel sign confidentiality agreements and operate at the highest levels of professionalism, said Baer. As part of its services BBSD will help to educate and counsel tenants and employees concerned about the spread of bed bugs, offering detailed information on prevention, early detection and remediation options.

About Bed Bug Super Dogs

Bed Bug Super Dogs is New York City’s foremost bed bug inspection and remediation firm serving owners and managers of commercial, hotel, residential and retail property. The company uses highly trained scent dogs and certified handlers, providing thorough and discreet detection services throughout the East Coast and to institutions nationally. Bed Bug Super Dogs is positioned to accommodate corporate clients and owners of multi-family portfolios who require a program of ongoing inspections to prevent an infestation and resulting reputation damage. Visit, or call 646 599-9986 for more information.



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