Question by Kate: My Dog won’t stop barking and I am going to loose my apartment…?
I just got a new job, so my dog is home alone more and my neighbors have been telling me that he is barking the entire time I am gone. I can’t quit my job and I love my dog! He never used to do this! I’ve moved his crate away from the door, so that he won’t be as distracted by noises from other people. I shut the front door and waited quietly in the kitchen and he started barking in about two minutes. I don’t want to use a shock collar, but I do NOT have much time to fix this problem.

I’ve been looking into it on the web and it sounds like he has “seperation anxiety”. I would rather use a shock collar than buy him doggy anti-depressants…How can I fix this?
I should mention, I’ve had him almost two years and this has not been a problem before. I have also worked longer hours than this in the past.

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Answer by mairin
Take him for a good long run before you leave for work. If you tire him out he will sleep instead of bark. So get on your bike, or strap on the roller blades and wear that dog out.

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