Question by Nathan M: Autism diagnosis question?
I have not been able to find any answers using Google so I figured I would ask here.

I was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism when I was about 11 years old and I am 19 years old now. I have a few questions about the disorder now that I am a bit older and every article I find makes people with my disorder sound borderline retarded if not full blown. I got A’s and B’s in language and reading all throughout High School but because I could not understand anything with numbers or complete gym I got discouraged and dropped out. I took the GED test several months back and got near perfect scores in language and reading, a perfect score in social studies but almost didn’t pass math.

I have always been able to figure out how to do things and create plans on how to overcome most obstacles but can not act on any of them my movements all have a delay. I can figure out when to do things but can never get my body to react in time I am not sure why but I have always been that way.

I get very angry when I smell certain things and I understand why but it makes me feel crazy. When certain smells are in the air my head spins,throbs everywhere,it gets hard to think and because of the pain I get irritable. I get irritated when textures from certain clothing,bedding,carpeting touch my skin as well as certain kinds of soaps,all lotion or oils etc touch my skin. I can not eat certain foods not because of the flavor but because of the food texture makes my head hurt although I have an addiction to dairy and always have had it I know it is bad but it is not possible for me to go a day without cheese,ice cream,yogurt etc without feeling horrible inside I get depressed and sometimes even suicidal if I try to make myself not eat it without dairy products everything seems hopeless idk how else to describe it. My diet is cheese,cheese and more cheese I can never get enough I feel like some of insane addict.

I was not able to tie my shoes until I was about 8 or 9 years old and have had people try to teach me how to tell time on a clock(both digital and analog) countless times but was only able to comprehend it about 3 years years ago. I can only add,subtract and do basic multiplication and division but anything beyond that I can not retain for more than a few hours after having it taught to me. I can not tell you how many hours I spent trying to understand numbers with no progress at all.

I have always wanted to make friends but have always had trouble fitting in with people my own age. When I was 6 years old I started making friends but they were all either stray animals or the elderly I have never once been able to have a conversation with someone my age without feeling like I don’t belong.

My question is do you guys have any ideas what I might have? Is it high functioning autism or something else. Idk if this will help any but I also have Tourette Syndrome and OCD

I was reading that people with autism can not understand language and might even take things said litterally when it is just a figure of speach and acording to someone online “will look out the window if you tell them it is raining cats and dogs”, hate interacting with people, have generally low IQs (I was tested quite awhile ago and had an IQ of 127 that is why my doctor said high functioning) and are obsessed with stacking things and that does not sound like me. I would ask my doctor but right now I want a second opinion it kind of sounds like to me that he might be a bit off on his diagnosis.

I apologize for how jumbled up my question is I was not sure what information would be important and what wouldn’t be so I just sort of threw it together real fast.
A bit of information I forgot to include is that I can taste vanilla or soap in certain foods even if there is none in what I am eating. I think it might be completly unrelated but you never know lol.

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Answer by jessi
Its sounds like a case of mild autism,although from what you described you’ve adapted vary well ! You might vary well have OCD as well.I would check with you primary care doctor,if you don’t have one don’t be afraid to ask the state for help.You deserve to know what is happening to your body.If you disability leaves you unable to work the state will help you out allot.

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