Question by Sebastian: After My Dog Neutered…?
It’s a day after he got neutered. I already asked before this question “My dog is getting neutered”. Thanks for all the people who helped me but yesterdays night we brought him home and noticed the doctor couldn’t find the testicle (Lol) and opened his stomach and started searching there. They didn’t find it so we had to just bring him home. I don’t care about the neuter now but I can’t keep him calm because all the medicin and the anethsia(IDK) have worn off and he keeps jumping all over the place! My family is worried… Please help!!!

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Answer by gud ole kuntry boy
you need to keep him contained inm a crate of something where he cannot be up unning around, jumping, etc. He should be containg for the first 5 days or so where he won’t rip the stitches out.;

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