‘Get to Know the New $ 50 Bill’ Program Started by Utah Retailer

Orem, UT (PRWEB) September 19, 2005

“Get Acquainted with the New $ 50 Bill” is a new community relations program started today by retailer My Vehicle WatchDog.Info for all who would like to better know U.S. currency.

Since the new $ 50 bill is less than a year old, My Vehicle WatchDog.Info felt a responsibility to help everyone get to know and love the new bill, says Ken Sink, company owner. That is why our new program pays $ 50 for every Global Positioning System (GPS) vehicle tracking system purchased or leased by a referral, he says.

My Vehicle WatchDog hopes many will want the U.S. Treasury’s colorful, new $ 50.00 bill. Anyone who uses 1 to 1,000+ vehicles in their business is a potential referral.

Since each vehicle needs its own system, those who sign up at http://www.MyVehicleWatchDog.info/referralRequest.php could receive several $ 50 bills for just one referral, Sink says.

Business owners are finding GPS vehicle tracking systems are the best way to manage their company vehicles, he says. Tracking systems are being used by small and large companies, including distributors, contractors, rental companies and transportation providers.

My Vehicle WatchDog.Info offers a variety of vehicle tracking systems. Business owners can choose from 9 different systems to accommodate their needs, whether they use their vehicles off-road, over the road, in-town or in-between.

Tracking systems can be used on trailers, containers, boats, airplanes, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, cars, trucks, etc. They are typically installed under a vehicle’s dash, where they operate continuously, without driver input, providing location, speed and direction data.

Additional data provided by tracking systems include engine diagnostic information, vehicle utilization, routing and speed alerts. Theft prevention is a major benefit, since any stolen vehicle can be located within minutes and pinpointed to within 10 meters of its exact location.

“‘Get Acquainted with the New $ 50 Bill — Be Rewarded for Your Network of Business Owners’ is more accurately described as an affiliate program,” Sink says, “My Vehicle WatchDog.Info would like to reward those who help us.”

Email ksink @ MyVehicleWatchDog.Info for more information. List your referral at http://www.MyVehicleWatchDog.Info/referralRequest.php.


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