Check out these dog store images:

Plumes (opened for change)

Image by -bartimaeus-
"BIG Size, please!"
or On Black

Nao consigo pensar em um nome melhor para a foto. Alguma sugestao? Alguem?
Modestia a parte, eu adoro essa foto. Se pudesse favoritar essa eu mesmo, eu iria o fazer.
Olah para as cores! E o cachorrinho aih no vidro! rs…
Sempre gostei dessa loja, nunca chequei para ver se as roupas sao boas mesmo. Mas nao importa, eu compraria lah de qualquer jeito!
(Acho que a estrategia da loja funcionou em mim…)

Can’t think of a better title… Someone with any suggestion, please?
Without modest, I like this photoshopped photo so very much! Just look at the colours and the doggie!!!
I always liked this store, just because of the dogs photos in it everywhere… I haven’t checked if the clothes are really good, but it doesnt matter… I would buy there anyway! lol
(I guess the strategy of the store realy worked on me…)


Image by jchessma
There were dogs everywhere. Whether they were feral or simply hanging around their owners I don’t know, but you would see them wandering around all over the city.

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