INNOTEK 024IN-SD70 Electronic Dog Collar – Lap Dog Trainer

  • 4 Levels of Stimulation -right for your small dog.
  • Receiver features a tapered design -contours to dogs neck.
  • Receiver Collar/Strap and battery combined only weigh 2.3 ounces.
  • Receiver features advanced internal antenna (no antenna sticking out).
  • Options for GOOD and BAD tone-only training – no stimulation required.

The Innotek SD-70 Dog Training Collar is designed for small companion pets. Its small lightweight collar is ideal for even the smallest dogs. The total weight of the receiver and training collar is 2.2 ounces. Perfect for lap dogs! It also features a tapering style that contours your dog’s neck making it virtually invisible. The SD-70 electronic dog training collar has 4 stimulation levels. The correction levels of this training collar are low which is perfect for smaller dogs. Each level is con

Price: $ 119.99

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