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Question by Duckie: I really need some help training my new dog!!?
okay, I just got this beautiful Shepard mix last night and she is 8-10 months old.

We are seeing if she fits into our family right now, if she doesn’t the person will take her back.
She was rescued by this person from an abandoned building, her life is about rescuing animals.

Now this dog has some problems
not with people or other animals, once she warms up to you she is a real sweetheart.
so now, here is what I need help with:

1.) She has never been on a leash before. Ever. I tried putting one on her today and she freaked out. She doesn’t mind collars, but she doesn’t like leashes at all!!

2.) She doesn’t like to go up and down stairs. and she is really over weight so I can’t carry her up and down the stairs. I got her to go down by placing a treat at the bottom of the stairs and sorta pushing her down. I didn’t like it though, how do I get her to go up and down on her own?

3.) She is really shy around other dogs and people. How can I make her come out of her shell?

4.) She has never seen a vet, how can I prepare her for this? I gave her a bath (her first one ever) and she didn’t mind me touching her anywhere.

5.) She is overweight. All she does is eat. We have what we call an “endless bowl”. The other dogs eat as they please, and they aren’t over weight and they know how much they need. She isn’t always eating, but I am just worried because we don’t want to change the food bowl. Also, she doesn’t like to move. She doesn’t run around. She just lays on the couch. But she seems to be so overweight that she pants even while lying down.

We want to take her on walks to help her loose weight, but we can’t because of the leash thing.

Please help us!!! I love her so much, but my boyfriend’s dad said that if I can’t figure out a way to fix these problems he will make me give her up :[

The people lived on a far, that is why she didn’t get baths or go on a leash because she didn’t need them. But in the city dogs do need these things. Just saying in case someone yells at me or something :[

Thank you!!
We don’t mind putting in the work.

With the food, we want her to be able to eat when she needs to. She was on the street and i think she thinks she has to gobble up food. She hasn’t eaten much today, though she did last night. I think she’s realizing the food isn’t going anywhere…

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Answer by felixthecat
This dog is going to take a lot of work and if you don’t want to do something as simple as change the food bowl, you need to surrender this dog now.

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