Question by DaniDollFace: How can i convince my parents that i’m ready for a puppy?- long?
Im 13,my last bro is movin out soon-ill basically be an only child.Weve had about 6 go in and out of our house since i was born.0 which died and we moved on lyk normal- my rents gave them away.1 was given to my grandma and got hit by a byk and died.1 peed 2 much(beagle) and was given to the pound. last was a jack russel named bandit given back to the man that gave him to us- they asked for it mom is on the fence, but my dad overrules her a lot so he says no.main 2 reasons are because ” last tym u didnt really take responsibility. we picked up the poop and you didnt walk him”. but i have reasons as to why that wnt happen agin. “1. i was 10- no 10 year old litl girl wants to look at poop- i even hated the word- ew.2. i used to be very overweight-now that im bak on trak- i can walk the dog instead of walking on the treadmill” that doesnt seem to be enough. They know i am responsible- they tell me i do more than my 3 bros combines-Cook n clean wile theyre at work- everything. HELP!

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Answer by ddrLemon
There are a couple of ways to convince your parents to get a dog. One reason why they might be a little unwilling to get one is:

If you get a puppy it will have to be trained, and this is a long and hard process. dog messes leave unhappy smells in the house, and who wants their shoes to be chewed?

Tell them to get a dog at the pound or shelter who is known by the shelter to already be house-trained and good natured. This will make it so the worry about messes and bad behavior is lessened.

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