Life-saving pooches among canine heroes inducted into Animal Hall of Fame
TORONTO – A group of heroic canines will leave a permanent pawprint in history as the latest inductees into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame.
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A watery death for dog
An underwater culvert in Hudson’s South Bay claimed another dog’s life and landed the canine’s sibling in a veterinary hospital Saturday night. The dogs were suctioned underwater through the culvert by a strong current.
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Hundreds of dogs go walkies
PEOPLE and their canine friends came from all around Brisbane on Sunday to raise money for the RSPCA in the annual Million Paws Walk.
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Bounding into action with the dogs of war
The dog that went in as part of the US navy Seal team which killed Osama bin Laden is by no means the first canine war hero None of their identities are known, of course, but one member of the team of US navy Seals that killed Osama bin Laden has become the star: the dog . Since being mentioned in the first reports of the raid, details of this elite animal have become as sought after as the man …
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