Question by Katslookup – a Fostering Fool!: How can you train a dog? Or is it even possible?
From what I have read here on YA, I have determined that dogs can not be housebroken. As puppies, they jump on people, bite children, and whine all the time. They like to do damage by chewing up wires, cats, and even couches! So, instead of keeping them, people want to get rid of them since they “have no possitive qualities”!

But, then I see a question that states that dogs can be “trained”! What is this allusive training? What doesn’t anyone else know about it? Is this just something that a “secret” society knows about and won’t share with the rest of us?


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Answer by KJ
Yep. You have to graduate from the Moron League before you’ll be eligible for the secret society though. 😉

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