“Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack” Named a “Product That Rocks” by The Whole Dog Journal!

Allentown, NJ (PRWEB) February 24, 2010 –

The “Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack” has been chosen by “The Whole Dog Journal” as a “Products that Rocks” for 2010.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been chosen by The Whole Dog Journal”, says http://www.BellasPainRelief.com president, Ronnie Daldos. “Being named a “Product that Rocks” has really added credibility to our product. Customers are used to me talk about how great the Bella Pack is, it is wonderful to have a publication as highly regarded as The Whole Dog Journal recognize it as well!”

The “Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack” is extremely versatile and can be attached to any part of your pets body. “I came up with the idea for the Bella Pack while taking care of my first 3 legged Great Dane, Bella, says Ms. Daldos. “ I adopted her as a puppy and she had many orthopedic issues that required the application of hot and cold modalities. I found myself rigging up things using vet wrap or ace bandages and felt there had to be a better way to keep these treatments in place so they could be effective.”

Dogs can benefit from the application of hot/cold in much the same way as humans. Using an ice pack after surgery reduces pain and swelling, helping to accelerate the healing process. The “Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack” is unique in that its stays flexible when frozen, allowing you to wrap it around the entire joint, making it perfect for ACL/Cruciate post operative care.

Icing has also been proven effective in stopping or slowing canine seizures when placed between the middle of the thoracic vertebrae and the middle of the lumbar vertebrae, in the center of your dog’s back.

Heat is effective in reducing pain associated with arthritic joints and hip dysplasia. “I had a customer whose Great Dane had a disk issue in her neck,” says Ms. Daldos. “Her Dane would wait by the microwave for the Bella pack to come out so her mom could apply it to her neck. It really helped her feel better.”

“The Bella Pack is really popular with canine athletes,” says Ms. Daldos. “Agility and Flyball dogs are athletes and experience muscle strains & sprains much like any human athlete.” The Bella Pack can be kept in your cooler while at tournaments and is an essential part of any canine first aid kit.

“We also have a number of Veterinary Surgical Hospitals and Rehab Facilities using our “Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack” with their own clients,” says Ms. Daldos. “The Bella Pack is inexpensive enough for them to build into the cost of surgery, use it with the patient during post op and then send home with the caretaker, making it easy for them to provide their pets with the care they need to heal.”

Safety was the biggest concern when coming up with this concept. Dogs can be unpredictable and it only takes a second for them to get into things they shouldn’t. Unlike other gel based hot/cold products, the Bella Pack is made in the US from materials that are non- toxic to your pet if ingested. “If a hot/cold product for your pet says “Keep out of reach of children”, “Avoid contact with skin/eyes” or “Do not eat gel”, I would be never use that on my pet”, says Ms. Daldos. “Believe it or not, there are products for dogs out there that say just that!”

For additional information on the “Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack” and how it can help your pet, contact Ronnie Daldos or visit http://www.BellasPainRelief.com. The Bella pack is available for individual purchase and wholesale accounts are welcome.

About BellasPainRelief.com:

BellasPainRelief.com is a canine health & mobility online retailer, with a focus on products to improve the lives of senior, injured & disabled dogs. Since Bella was a Great Dane, we specialize in large breed dogs, so all the products we offer come in extremely large sizes. In addition to our “Bella’s Hot/Cold Pain Relief Pack”, we carry boots, diapers with biodegradable pads, lifting aides, harnesses for amputees, stretchers with wheels and so much more! We also carry high quality supplements, wheat/corn/soy free treats and free range, hormone free chews for your dog.

About The Whole Dog Journal:

The Whole Dog Journal is a monthly guide to natural dog care and training. Whole Dog Journal advocates natural and holistic feed, healthcare methods and successful nonviolent training. They do not accept any commercial advertising and are highly regarded for their frank & unbiased reviews of everything from pet foods, to natural & holistic health care for your dog.


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