Question by Southern Sweetheart: “Biscuits With Benefits”?
I was at the locat Petstore, since I didn’t have enough time to run over to where I normally buy my all-natural dog treats, and I actually had to ask the manager if they had any treats with no corn, soy, or wheat. We only found these biscuits that are called “Vitality” from “DOGSWELL” and I was looking at them and they actually seem pretty good.

INGREDIENTS: Chicken breast, Oat powder, Barley, Brown Rice powder Sweet potato, Lecithin (?), Seaweed Protein, Vitamin A Acetate, Flaxseed, Vitamin E Supplement

“Guaranteed Analysis”: Nutritional information per treat-
Crude protein: 18%(min), Crude fat: 5%(min), Crude fiber: 1% (max), Vitamin E: 10 i,u,/0.01 kg (min), Vitamin A 100 i,u,/0.01 kg (min), Omega 3 Fatty Acids*: 0.05% (min)

Thoughts, comments?
Also claims “Helps maintain eyes, skin & coat”, No wheat, no byproducts, no corn, no dairy, no flour, no sugar, no hormones, no added salt, no antibiotics, no BHA/BHT, no propylene glycol, no artificial flavors.

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Answer by Razzle
Sounds good. :]

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