Question by dis_d00d: Tony Stewart’s Oakleys?
During the long 3-hour “NASCAR Race Day” on Speed before the All-Star race Smoke was on the set w/ Venturini and Sadler and he had Oakleys on. Does anyone know which ones?
A few things I noticed about them: they were MATTE not polished.
They looked SIMILAR to the “Minute 2.0” but I know they are NOT “Minute 2.0” b/c I have the 2.0s and the ones Smoke had were more “square” around the lens.
I’m leaning towards “Straight Jacket” or “Monster Dog” but I can’t confirm.
These are on the Oakley website but obviously they don’t say that Tony wears ’em…
I used to have the old ones w/ the orange on the side he used to have but they don’t fit my fat head anymore…

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Answer by lyn p
Looks more like the straight Jacket, but I will tell you. Most of the oakleys the drivers ware are not on the oakley website, because Reeds been wearing oakleys for a good 5yrs now, and gets them for Free, but his are never on that site.

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