Question by Jenn: DS: Supplements needed? – Please advise, Thank you.?
Good morning DS – How are you all doing today?

So here is my question, Bella (Almost a year old now, yay!) has been on a raw diet for about 5? Months now, thanks to the advise on here that i’ve recieved. Lately I have switched to part raw and part kibble, as the little “princess” enjoys variety… and not just that of different types of raw, she wants kibble sometimes. So the kibble I feed her is Nature’s Logic (Supposed to be fantastic). The raw I switch up but I am still mainly on pre-packaged.

Now that you know the just of the feeding, I wanted to know why someone freaked out at me for not feeding my dog “supplements” … they failed to go in to detail as to what “supplements” I needed to give her so badly. I have had no problems with raw, but apparently this person had… They said their dog was ill because it didn’t get enough of “Certain stuff” as they put it. Due to their lack of knowledge when it came down to explaining what the hell they we’re talking about, I more so shrugged it off. Now, I would like to ask what you all think of this? Should I be adding supplements to my puppies diet? I know the raw I feed is 80% meat 20% bone, veggie, & fruit. Is there more to it that I should be feeding though? Any advise on this topic would be fantastic, Thank you.

For fun, what is the craziest thing a crazy person has yelled at you for?
@ ABPT – I never heard that before, the lady at the store said it was ok. I feed raw vs kibble on different days, not within the same meal. If anything it may be raw morning & kibble at night. Would that help to prevent the digestive issues?
@ APBT – Thanks, can you post a link for the forum, i’ve yet to be able to find it. Not sure if I can access it from work.

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Answer by poodle power
Talk to your vet about this they can advice if they think it would be a good idea to add a vitamin supplement to your dogs diet and what one is best.

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