City officials agree to further support Muskogee Fairgrounds
The Agriculture Building on the Muskogee Fairgrounds dates to before the 1920s, while the arena was built in the late 1960s. The Muskogee Finance Committee agreed to renew its agreement with the Fairgrounds Trust Authority on a yearly basis.
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The Bark in the Park is here
7:30 Registration for 5K Begins at CAPS Tent 8 a.m. stretch for 5K at the main stage led by Angela Hemauer-Keyser of Body Balance,
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Dog Biting Issues – Legal Changes – Dog Obedience Problems Lead to Legal Issues
Dog Biting Problems reports in a post on a recent Pit Bull attack on a woman in North Carolina once again gave rise to the issue of dog biting and dog aggression – particularly with Pit Bull terriers and how to stop dog biting.
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