Question by forwardxmotion: What tempting treats do you use for dog training?
For training sessions I use freeze dried beef liver, leftover cooked meat (either scraps from dinner or freezer burned leftovers, rinsed off so he doesn’t get a seasonings!), or cubed ham (usually freezerburned anyway…). It seems to work well for us – tasty enough treats to keep the dog interested and budget friendly.

It seems that a lot of commercial pet treats are junk food. I know they’re just “treats”, but anyone who does obedience trainig knows you go through a lot of treats some nights in class, so I don’t want junk making up a substantial portion of his diet on those nights. Any other healthy treats you can suggest? Any that are budget friendly?

Some nights we’re low on random freezer burned meat, and I would like to keep some treats on hand for such an occasion. I’ve found some decent brands, but the price is pretty extreme to be tossing down Odie’s throat so quickly.

Speaking of budget treats, anyone know any good places to pick up inexpensive non-rawhide chews? My dog loves knuckle bones and bully sticks, I usually find decent deals on amazon or pet mountain.
Odie’s not picky about much, but of course “juicy” or “meaty” treats are more tempting to him (and therefore he’s more likely respond)

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Answer by Holly
I swear by “Zukes” Mini Naturals. They are pretty healthy, compaired to most commercially sold treats.

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