Question by Doglover: should i give my dog the food brand”canidae”?
i have a 8 years old Yorkie. i wanted to feed her canidae all life stages but after reading complains that got about their formula, i am a little concern. i dont want to get my dog sick and have to pay for expensive vet bills. should i give her canidae all life stages, or natural balance potato and duck, or some other brands. my dog is very picky on her food.

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Answer by Bordeaux
What do you feed now? I have heard good things about Canidae, as well as some complaints about their new formula. I personally never fed either of those foods you are asking about, so I can’t say. The only food I have fed and highly recommend is California Natural lamb meal and rice. This brand is very well made, with great ingredients, and it was actually tested on animal feeding trials.

That said, you should feed what works for you and your dog. You can gradually introduce the new food and observe for two or three weeks. If the dog doesn’t like it, starts to lose hair, starts to poop a lot, or has any other issues, go back to whatever else you were feeding before. No dog food is perfect for every dog, so it is kind of a trial and error system, unfortunately. What is wonderful for one dog might make your own dog sick (something I learned from experience after trying to feed Wellness to my dog).

Good luck!

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