Dog Food Manufacturer Focusing on Dog Health Expands To Midwest, East Coast With Purchase of Iowa Mill : Dynamite Marketing Started Looking at Dog Health, Developing Special Dog Food, Horse Feed More than 70 Years Ago

DES MOINES, Iowa (PRWEB) November 24, 2008

The history of the four-generation family business is exceptional in several ways:

Dynamite Marketing is one of the oldest multi-level marketing companies. Its focus on quality, natural foods to support dog health and horse health dates back to the 1930s. It is a fourth-generation family endeavor, with the founders’ great-grandchildren Jos Zamzow and Callie Novak now in charge of operations. The story begins with the late Carmalita Zamzow, who arrived in Idaho in 1902 at the age of 5, traveling from Missouri in a railroad car with her parents and the family cow. Grandma Z, as she is called, married August Zamzow and they founded Zamzows feed and coal in 1933.

Twenty years later customers found that livestock health was declining even though the feed formulas had not changed. Working with scientists at the University of Idaho, the Zamzows discovered that intensive agriculture was depleting the soil, making grains less nutritious.

The Zamzows began adding natural supplements, always looking at alternatives to animal by-products, antibiotics, chemical preservatives, fumigants, artificial coloring and other additives that have later caused problems in dog health and other areas.

Dynamite turned to multi-level marketing after developing an extraordinary racehorse feed supplement, but finding it hard to train the seasonal staff in its feed stores to explain the benefits that made the formula more expensive than other products.

A saleswoman started calling directly on horse owners with the supplement, which took its name when a customer said, “This is dynamite!” She asked for an agreement that would protect her against introducing the product, then having her customers go around her and buy directly from the company.

A multi-level marketing company was an obvious solution. Distributors have an incentive to understand the product fully, and continue to profit from their efforts in years to come. Products for dog health, as well as horse health, were soon developed. Today Dynamite has more than 4,000 distributors providing horse feed, dog food and other products.

“Our roots are in healthy horse feed,” Novak said. “In fact, our horse supplement was so far ahead of its time that we have recently seen other companies use some of our original feed technology and introduce it as ‘new’ — 20 years after we first introduced it.

“We use chelated minerals, whose chemical composition makes them easier to digest and improves the nutritional value of dog food and all our animal feed. We believe in natural products, and our feed and supplements have stood up to the rigorous scientific scrutiny over the years,” she said.

“We are proud of the fact that we have never done least-cost formulation,” Novak continued. “This common practice in the feed industry involves altering formulas from batch to batch by substituting cheaper ingredients when commodity prices fluctuate. While this practice is legal, we believe it creates an opportunity for error and clearly lowers the quality of the feed. This practice is not in the best interest of the animals. When you buy Dynamite feeds, you can rest assured you will get consistent, high quality products from batch to batch.”

Although Dynamite’s first products were for horses, people were so impressed with the effect on horses that they started giving the supplements to their dogs and cats. So Dynamite added products for dog health and cat health, modifying them for better metabolism in those species.

“Then we found people were taking the supplements themselves,” Novak said. “So we modified the products to be more effective in humans.”

Because of shipping costs for feed, Dynamite historically has focused on providing nutritional supplements, and growth in the Midwest and on the East Coast has lagged behind growth in the West. Production in Iowa is expected to change that.

Current best-selling products include Dynamite Free & Easy, which supports health joint and connective tissues, and is available for dogs, horses and humans. It was developed as the aging population – both human and animals – experiences pain from arthritis and joint stiffness during normal, daily exercise and activities.

Dynamite Wound Wash, one of the newest products, cleans cuts and wounds with a plant-based formula that works at the micro-level. An all-natural product, it makes it possible to clean wounds without the risk or discomfort of harsh chemicals that are absorbed through the skin.

Showdown, developed for working dogs also supports nutrition in show dogs and pets. It also combines natural amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Dynamite Easy Balance horse feed supplement provides minerals, amino acids and vitamins to support metabolic function. There is a greater focus on horse nutrition today due to the increase in equine metabolic syndrome (including Cushing’s disease and laminitis), a disease that is similar to adult onset diabetes in humans.

“Some people are so concerned about dog health that they prefer to make their own dog food, but it’s very difficult to be certain a dog is getting all of the elements it needs,” Novak said. “With our supplements, owners can be sure that their dog food has the correct nutritional balance.”

Other selections of Dynamite’s more than 90 products have been used for emus, lizards, parrots, falcons, grizzly bears, tigers, condors, mice, elephants, donkeys, ferrets, finches and “too many other species to name,” Novak added.

For example, Jim Zamzow worked with an Alaskan group to modify a feed for muskoxen. The giant, shaggy animals were failing to breed and their prized wool was becoming wiry, losing the softness that makes muskox yarn sell for as much as $ 80 an ounce.

Dynamite headquarters are in Meridian, Idaho.

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Idaho’s Zamzow family, pioneers in natural dog food and supplements for dog health and horse health, is focusing on Midwest and East Coast growth with the purchase of two Iowa mills.

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