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Toronto, ON, (PRWEB) September 9, 2009 –

Respected Toronto dog training expert, Peter Brown, shows dog owners his unique approach to training in the just released DVD and companion printed manual, Leading the Pack – An Owner’s Guide to Dog Training.

“So many people tell me they wished I was around when their dog did something, a training problem,’ explains Brown, “so we developed the DVD as the next best thing to having a trainer there when you need one the most.”

A certified dog trainer for over 15 years, Brown operates Alpha Paws, a dog training centre located in Newmarket, Ontario. Consulted as a training expert in news features for CITY-TV and The Toronto Star, Brown has a history of studying animal behaviour, particularly dogs and wolves in the wild, which has given him unique insight into training. “Dogs have a language all their own and an owner should learn that language”, says Brown. “It’s the language of behaviour, your behaviour and your dog’s behaviour and translating the two so you understand each other.”

Filmed over a 14-day period at the Alpha Paws training centre in Newmarket, Ontario, Brown intentionally used a straightforward approach to the production of the Dog Training dvd. “We were actually training the dogs on the DVD – they weren’t pre-trained ‘stunt doubles'”, said Brown. “I heard about too many disappointments with dog training videos. We wanted to show each training session from beginning to end, no edits, no fancy cuts and with untrained dogs, to give the DVD the feel of an actual session, as if the trainer was in your home.”

Initial reaction to the DVDs has been very positive, including approval from unexpected sources. “Everyone I ask says that it’s their dog’s favourite DVD – they put it on and their dog comes over to watch,” says Brown. “To me, it’s the best compliment the DVD can get.”

Leading the Pack is available online at Dog Obedience Training or directly from the Alpha Paws training centre

Peter Brown was emphatic on one last point, “no dogs were harmed during the making of this DVD!”

About Alpha Paws

Formed in 2001, Alpha Paws utilizes their “dog training nature’s way” approach to help dogs and their owners learn to understand each other, which makes training easier and more complete. Alpha Paws also promotes better nutrition for dogs through healthier raw food diets.

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