Dog nutrition requires quality dog food

A new owner of a puppy can be easily confused with the availability of commercial dog food in shops and online. Dog nutrition is the most important area and has to be just right in order to keep a pet in good health all their lives. Some manufacturers of dog food are in the habit of using low quality, cheap meats and other ingredients; this is to save them money they are not full of the nutritional content required to keep a dog healthy.

Some of the ingredients to watch out for on the list of ingredients are corn filler, crushed peanut shells, corn meal or corn gluten and should be avoided. However, there are dog products online that give owners of dogs all the information that is require about their balanced dog food, manufactured to aid a dogs digestive tract.

A puppy fed on portions of balanced dog food that aids dog nutrition will soon grow into a strong and healthy adult dog; you will see the result with his high energy levels, his glossy coat, clean teeth and bright shining eyes. At Hills Pets we have a wide range of balanced food available online; ‘Science Plan’ is manufactured to a high standard, and has quality ingredients that are balanced for a dog that requires essential meat proteins, good fats with essential amino acids.

When you are feeding a dog is nutrition has to change at each stage of his life; dog nutrition for a puppy needs extra vitamins and minerals to aid quick growth into an adult. An adult dog requires healthy balanced food and added vitamins that will keep his body and energy levels in good order.

A senior dog that is starting to slow down requires balanced food that is easy to eat and not upset his digestive system, once again his balanced dog food requires the correct essential vitamins and minerals to keep him in good health.

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